Magic Router 2.2.0

Magic Router 2.2.0



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Date Added:19 January, 2013



A. Standard IP:PORT routing. . Bind selected adapter. . Allow free input and bind non local ip for listen. . Auto switch IP:PORT to another IP:PORT . QoS, control bandwidth of connection. . Support TCP/UDP protocol, ie HTTP, SFTP, SMTP, POP3, DNS, TELNET, NETBIOS and SSL, Proxy, and more.. . Header forward, 1 port multiple usage, multiple service. . HTTP Remote Management. . Command line to start up Magic Router. . User Access Time Setup. . Intelligent Firewall with IPSEC System Service. . Support Chinese GB/Big5 user interface. . Packet Viewer, capture raw packet. . DDOS Detection and Protection. . FTP Routing. B. Run as Alone, client, server mode . AES Encryption, Compression, SSL3 and Authentication. . Firewall for port, Black/White ip control, DNSBL, Quota Control. C. Logging, Notification . Auto Restart, txt to table conversion, add/remove black/white ip . Data logging for protocol analysis. . Shell Command on Forwarder/Remote Computer. D. Powerful Reverse Connection: . Agent Server, Listener Client, Forwarder Client. . Shell command on forwarder, remote control. . Simple file upload/download. . Remote wake up computer. . Bind Non Local Network IP on Agent Listener. . Auto Trigger Forwarder on Agent Server, run similarly as VPN Server. . Support FTP protocol. . Easier file sharing client (File Explorer) setup. . Access rule on Agent Forwarder, Allowed ip, Blocked ip, Enabled Shell Cmd, Maximum connections. E. Multiple Configuration . Run as Windows Service. . Free ActiveX Client for secure connection to server. . Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8/2008 32/64 bit. F. Full version .USD39 Home Edition will grant 39 installations on different computers. .USD59 Prof Edition will grant 59 installations on different computers. H. Magic Router is a green program . No need to install, extract then run mr.exe will start. . Or run mr-prof.exe to bypass Windows 7 security.
Requirements: Nil

Systems: Win2000, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer

Tags: routing   port Forward   secure tunnel   firewall   quota   auto switch   QoS   remote control and protocol analysis  

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